I am trying to integrate a service in our current application. The new service comprises of a client installed on web server in the form of class/jar files, it requires the web server to support java servlets. <BR><BR>I am currently running Windows 2000 Advanced server (IIS 5) . In order to enhance the capability of my web server to support Java Servlet I have been recommended to install a 3rd party plugin for e.g New Atlanta&#039; ServlertEexec or Allaire&#039;s JRun...... Atlanta&#039;s ServletExec is not capable of supporting ASP sessions ... I will be using a 15byte field as a session key between my application and the client....<BR><BR>I am really confused in this matter... has everyone encountered similar problems before?? any advises which 3rd party plugin for java servlet support should i use that can support ASP sessions? ... any guidance in this regard is certainly helpful<BR><BR>Best Regards,<BR>Thanks in Advance!