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    Hello there!<BR><BR>This is my problem:<BR>I have a word-document on a server, which i would<BR>like to open on a client, and after the document has been<BR>edited, i would like to save it on the server again! This<BR>is of course not possible with hyperlinks.<BR><BR>Is there someway to solve this easily? Is it possible to<BR>create a wordobject in ASP, like in VB, and save it that way?<BR><BR>I´m greatful for all the help i can get. Feel free to comment<BR>if you have other ideas of how to solve this.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    The only way I have seen something done like that by using a web-based document management software. Cyberdocs by hummingbird (http://www.hummingbird.com/products/dkm/index.html) is the only one I have done any work with.

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