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    I have built a dynamic menu like at Microsoft and would like to make its admin ASP driven. My problem is that the menu links are within an external JS file. Does anyone know how I can use an ASP driven admin page to edit this JS file. <BR><BR>I have no problem with ASP page to Database updates or vice versa its just this ASP to database to JS file update as I cannot rename this JS file to .asp.

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    look into using the filesystem object. It may take some time to get it right, but it&#039;ll be worth it. What you can do is have an asp page that reads all of the lines from the .js file into an array, than manipulate the elements of the array using the asp page. You can have all of the elements of the array (menu items) read from your text file into form elements on an .asp page, then you can update the text file with the new values from the form. <BR><BR>Look into the site, category filesystem object if you need help getting started.<BR><BR>also, instead of having a linked .js file, you can probably just have a #include directive and include an asp page that contains all of your javascript.<BR><BR>mj

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