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    PLEASE HELP: How do I create an object oriented database!? I have three basic objects - Jobs, Clients and Properties and I have properties (Name, address etc) that I want to associate with them and methods (Add, Delete etc). How can I create these objects and manipulate them in ASP!? I want to be able to embed recordsets within objects so that I can access (for example) Clients.TelephoneNos.MoveNext<BR><BR>CAN THIS BE DONE? I would like to simply use Access and ASP if possible....<BR><BR>TIA, Jason.

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Well....I belive that Object Oriented have to do nothing with asp in the mean of databse and your question....<BR><BR>if you are using VBScript it does have/support class... and you can define your own object and it work great.. if u want to work your own defined low level Objects with OLE/ADO... than ...yes u can do with createing your own COM Object in C++/VB/java/TCL/.... with custom database specification and use your ASP. <BR><BR>and how to define classes based on Database interaction with you can read more doc in VB script microsoft support site and other ASP site too.<BR><BR>Is this help u?<BR><BR>0(&#039;.&#039;)0<BR><BR>A.Ali<BR>Ali4d@ hotmail.com<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Not advanced.


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