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    I have a ASP submital page for my database, how do I can I preveiw the information in the form before submitting it to the database. can anybody help me.<BR><BR>I thought of a preview button going to another page that displays the information but as far as I know you can have only one button on a form. so either i submit from the form to the databse or I preview the information?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Is it possible to submit the information in the orignal form from a preview page with a submit button on? this I think is impossible as the information needs to be in text boxs to be submitted into the database.<BR><BR>Is it possible to stick a button the original form for the preview and a second form with a button that will submit the information in the first form.<BR><BR>Any help on this problem would be helpful..

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    I think you have 2 options:<BR><BR>1. Click a button that opens a popup window with the preview, and keep the submit button on the page. The code for the popup would be something like this:<BR>&#060;A href=";preview.asp&#03 9;)"&#062;Preview&#060;/A&#062;<BR>Or<BR><BR>2. You can submit the form to the preview page, but then on the preview page you populate hidden text/input boxes with the values, and then you resubmit the form when the user has finished the preview.

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    Default Should be quite easy

    Do I understand correctly that you want to give the user the possibility to choose between a preview button OR submit button?<BR><BR>In case you want to preview THEN submit, it ASP 101 (check ASP in 21 days...)<BR><BR>You said: but as far as I know you can have only one button on a form.<BR>Well, check this first buddy and then we will see if that changes your perspective on this project<BR><BR><BR>Good luck

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