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    For experianced webmasters only.<BR>I&#039m deciding on a webhost. I need to know how much space an average SQl database takes up. Say the database holds one table with 10,000 records with 10 rows. If someone can quoate on the size, i can guessitmate the size of other databases.<BR>And i&#039d also like to know how much hassle is it to transfer a database from one host to another.<BR> Thanks.<BR>-Eric-<BR>chisileddiamante@aol.com

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    Eric, re the size of a SQL 7 db 10,000 records 10 rows .. not enough info.<BR>It depends on :<BR>1. field size eg varchar are variable length,<BR>2. block fill factors<BR>3. number and size of index fields, <BR>etc.<BR><BR>I have done sql7 dbs of that size and much larger. You can expect anything from 3 meg to 30 meg. zip and email your db to me at pollard@atrax.net.au and I will convert it to SQL7 for you then tell you the size and email a backup back if you want. SQL7 import/migrate are sooo simple via a great import wizard.<BR>I hate to say so but Microsoft got this one right.<BR><BR>

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