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    I had this posted in the DB section but it&#039;s been sitting there for awhile.<BR>I have an 97 access database which I want to simply add one field or column at the end. I have Access 2000 so I have to convert it to 2000 so I can edit it. However I thought it would be easy to add a column at the end, save it, then convert it back to 97. But it won&#039;t let me add the one column and it says record is too large. The help features of Access are terrible and I don&#039;t know how to add a column. <BR>I thought it said something about making a replica and having to get to the master design. I get a bit lost here, I made a replica, it said master design, added a column, but then it wouldn&#039;t let me convert it back to a 97 DB. Any ideas how to add a simple column to an already existing 97 DB using access 2000? They sure don&#039;t make it easy considering what I want to do couldn&#039;t be more simple.

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    You could always, as opposed to doing it via Access 2000, simply write a quick page that will execute an ALTER TABLE <BR>SQL statement that will add the column that you need. <BR>That would probably be the easiest way to accomplish this, if you&#039;re having problems getting it done through Access 2000.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>A.L.

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