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    Hi,<BR>Is annyone nowing a way to make a TCP connection from whitin a asp page?

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    What are you wanting to do, exactly? I am sure there are some third party components that let you do this, but you cannot do it implicitly with the ASP core objects...

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    Gary Van Sluis Guest

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    Hello, I saw a post like this on asp Q & A and posted answer there but in short I said it would help if you could be more specific but for time being I would suggest writing your own COM object in Visual Basic and use the object in your asp code or to use LDAP to connect to a machine..provided that other machine has LDAP services (Like 5+ versions of MS Exchange).<BR>

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    Gerald Nelson McKenzie Guest

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    The easiest way is to get a COM object with the functionality you need and reference it trough ASP like this:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>&#039Reference the desired COM object<BR>Set myTcp = Server.CreateObject("VendorTCP")<BR>&#039Set its properties<BR>myTcp.RemoteHost = ""<BR>myTcp.Port = 80<BR>myTcp.Timeout = 200<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>

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