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    Hi everyone,<BR> My name is Mitchell and i&#039;m the founder of I&#039;ve just completed the design and back-end admin section of devArticles and i&#039;m looking for a handful of writers to post their articles on the site. The articles can be on anything from PHP to Java to ASP.Net to Web services, etc.<BR><BR>Each author receives a bio page with links to their site/work and advertising on the site. The site is one week old and as it progresses, authors will be paid.<BR><BR>If you have a couple of spare articles floating around and would like credit for them, or, if you would like to suggest a topic for which you can write an article on, please email me:<BR><BR>Thanks guys,<BR>Mitchell Harper<BR>Founder of

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    Don&#039;t use a address - if you run a site, why not have<BR><BR>Also, specialization == good, trying to cover a billion topics is difficult and the overall quality will suffer. Rather than focusing on ASP.NET/PHP/JSP/etc., hone in on one that you enjoy the most and kick butt on that topic. Trust me on these account, I&#039;ve had a few years experience running 4Guys/ASPMB/, etc. Just trying to help! :)

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    While I applaud your innitiative, I need to raise the point that the web is full of level 100 information for the web.<BR><BR>There is never a shortage of people ready and willing to write level 100 articles.<BR><BR>Your site MUST have something that differentiates it from the others.<BR><BR>-A<BR><BR>

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