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    Hi! (kinda need this solved ASAP)<BR><BR>If you have any suggestions or insights as to how the AOL browser for Macs (any Mac - we&#039ve tested on G3&#039s, G4&#039s, and their predecessors) submit forms, I would be very glad to hear a response. I&#039m at the point where I&#039m willing to try anything. If you can solve the problem, you&#039re my lifesaver!!!<BR><BR>I have set up a form ("post") called search.asp to search a database. The collected form data is then dumped onto a results.asp page to display the results of the search. Everything works perfectly on IE and Netscape on PC&#039s and on Netscape on Macs. However, on AOL for Macs, search.asp contacts the server and receives the results.asp but sits at search.asp. The results page does not display at all!<BR><BR>I&#039ve tried debugging, thinking something is wrong with the server-side VBscript on the results.asp page, but the same problem occurs. I&#039ve simplified the results.asp page to straight HTML. I&#039ve tried moving the results.asp page to be the default page of a new directory. I&#039ve tried several variants for the action call on the form (ie: "action=results.asp", "action=", "action=", "action="). I&#039ve tried converting a simplified version of results.asp to results.html and loaded that page straight from the location bar. I&#039ve saved a successful view of results.asp as a .html file and tried opening that results.html file. The results.html file reads perfectly.<BR><BR>I&#039m guessing there&#039s something I&#039m not seeing in regards to the way the AOL browser is submitting the form data and/or reading the form.<BR><BR>I cannot seem to get this to work. I&#039m hoping I haven&#039t overlooked something silly but I&#039m willing to hear any opinions.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    I dont have an immediate answer for you, that sounds weird. I would suggest a few thing but I would probably get you worse off :) But seriousy I would go to and there is a link somewhere there for devleopers and you will eventually fina a page provided by AOL that lists all versions of their browsers and what each one supports...and let me tell you, its pretty screwed up. Each version supports differnt things. I do not know your code but I would go there and start checking. I was working on something and had all problems with AOL development only to find out I was working on a old machine with an old version of AOL that did not support sessions ( but the other 6 or so aol versions do.. ) So I would first reference this list and see if you might have something conflicting with the version you are TESTING with, and possibly nothing with your ASP at all. Then see if you can get different versions of AOL and test for the sampe problem.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary

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