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    MS Access 2000<BR><BR>I have a table with 3 fields: ID(autonumber), NAME(text), PRODUCTS(text).<BR><BR>There are already 61 records in it.<BR>Let&#039;s say I create an HTML form with Name and Product fields.<BR><BR>Can I use an update or insert statement to make it the 64th record and so on (keep adding records)?<BR>I&#039;m asking because I&#039;m under the impression that I had to have WHERE in there and the WHERE is just the next ID (autonumber).<BR><BR>I may be looking for a Create field type of statement but I&#039;m not sure.<BR>

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    as long as it&#039;s autonumber, all you need to worry about when adding a record is the name and products fields. Autonumber will increment AUTOmatically. :)<BR><BR>And in your update statement, you&#039;ll need &#039;where id = &#039; & request("id")...<BR><BR>just save the id in a hidden element in the form.

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