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    I have a variable- whichTables that has a value of 2;1;7;4;8;9;10;11<BR><BR>I would like to do a select case scenario like this-<BR><BR>Select Case whichTables<BR> case instr(whichTables, "7")<BR>do some stuff<BR> case else<BR>end Select<BR><BR>For some reason, i&#039;m not getting a match when 7 is in whichTables.<BR><BR>Any ideas why?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>

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    myint = InStr(...)<BR><BR>Select Case myint<BR> Case 1:<BR> do some stuff

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    Default Undestanding Select Case

    When you code<BR><BR>Select Case expression<BR><BR>then VBS (and most every other language that has a similar construct) looks for the following case that *matches the value* of that expression.<BR><BR>When you do<BR><BR>Select Case "1;4;7;10"<BR><BR>then the *only* subsequent Case that *can* match that is:<BR><BR>Case "1;4;7;10"<BR><BR>You *really* want IF...ELSEIF...ELSEIF...ELSEIF...ELSE...END IF in these circumstances. You do *not* want Select Case.<BR><BR>(Note the lack of a space in "ELSEIF".)<BR>

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