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    Hi,<BR>Is annyone nowing a way to make a TCP connection from whitin a asp page?

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    If you could specify more on what you are trying to do it may help. Opening a TCP connection is a little broad, but working with just that, I can think of two ways off the top of my head.<BR>One is to open up Visual Basic and write a Com component. Then call the COM from your script...Server.CreateObject syntax.<BR>Another way I have seen used to get email information and that was using LDAP.<BR>Set objMailServer = GetObject(LDAP://Servername:port/...password, serverstuff..etc)<BR>You can use a fully qualified domain name in place of servername and open the connection that way.<BR>Working with LDAP is covered in great detail under ADSI asp programming sites and docs.<BR>If you could reply with a few more specifics like. I want to open a TCP connection to simply ftp or telnet to a machine and port...anything else.<BR><BR>For now I hope that helps<BR>Gary <BR>

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