I have this do while loop here’s the code<BR>************************<BR>count = 0<BR>do while not rstemp.eof and count &#060; rstemp.pageSize<BR> <BR> pidProduct = rstemp("PROD_ID")<BR> pDescription = rstemp("PROD_Description") <BR> pPrice = rstemp("PROD_Price") <BR> pBtoBPrice = rstemp("PROD_B2BPrice") <BR> pSmallImageUrl = rstemp("PROD_Image") <BR> %&#062;<BR> &#060;!--#include file="itemdetailsm.asp"--&#062; &#039; this page prints the vars out<BR> &#060;% <BR> count = count + 1 <BR> rstemp.moveNext<BR> loop<BR>**************************<BR>What happens is when you view the record it places the same 2 records over and over for like maybe right at 100 times. I don’t see anything wrong with the code and I can’t find another loop out side of this on that would maybe causing this one to continuous loop.<BR><BR>Any help appreciated.<BR>