I&#039m trying to make a script where a directory tree is generated.<BR>I&#039m using a database to store the names of the directories.<BR>I know a directory can only be created if the full path to it is already existant. I solved the problem this way.<BR>The directories in the database are assigned stage variables from 1 to n.<BR>The directries are generated in order of their stage variables.<BR>Like directories with stage variable 1 are created first, and then stage 2 directories are created next. That way they are built in order and no "path not found" error pops up.<BR>The problem im getting is i get a "path not found" error when more then one 3 directories are created in the same folder. I debugged it as best i can and concluded that the error is stemming from the fileSystemObject. The error wont pop up if i view the results onto the browser(that is im not calling on the fileSystemObject). But if i try to build the directories and i build more then 3 in the same folder, the "path not found" error comes up. Is there a way to make it so i can change any values so that i can create a directory with an unlimited number of folders and branch? Yeah, this one is a toughie....email me at chisileddiamante@aol.com if you can help.