Hello, I posted recently on how I could send e-mail via Exchange server and have it be HTML formatted. No one gave me a good answer, though I&#039;m sure if I hadn&#039;t said I don&#039;t want suggestions to use SMTP I would have gotten several good natured people trying to help. <BR><BR>At any rate, I have a new idea, maybe someone can give me some hint where I&#039;m going wrong on my current method. <BR><BR>I have created 2 components in VB, one is a component that uses the win32api functions to log in as a specified user. The next component is just a wrapper for CDO functionality to send e-mail via Exchange. There is a 3rd DLL, used by my CDO COM object, that can translate HTML into a rich text stream. <BR>So what happens is this.<BR>1. AdminLogin object logs in.<BR>2. E-mail object is substantiated.<BR>3. If e-mail format was specified to use HTML,then it calls mapirtf.dll to translate the body into a richtext and thus HTML stream.<BR>4. The e-mail object sends the e-mail.<BR><BR>This is all well and good, and works perfectly on our development server, an NT 4.0 box with Outlook 2000 installed on it. <BR><BR>Unfortunately, on the live server, a similarly configured NT 4.0 box with outlook 2000, if I call the mapirtf.dll, it hangs if I do is server side. No error message, not even a time out, just hangs. If I don&#039;t use HTML format, it doesn&#039;t use the mapirtf.dll and works just fine. The mapirtf.dll is not one that is registered, it works just by sitting in the system32 folder. Without an error message I don&#039;t even know where to start. Maybe someone out there can give me some idea whats going wrong? Thanks in advance!