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    I have a few CSS, which are linked to whole bunch of webpages. I have my alignment justified to LEFT, so that it will fit the 800x600 resolution screen and the bigger ones too..<BR>How do i make it center justified, apply those changes to all my webpages and then then make sure it is center justified with all the resolutions..<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default Huh?

    Correct me if I&#039;m reading this incorrectly, but what you&#039;re trying to do is make your stlyes that have been left justified centered? Can&#039;t you just change this in the css? Maybe I&#039;m not reading your question correctly (it is a bit confusing).<BR><BR>Or, you can place your content in a table that is centered to begin with.<BR><BR>Maybe you should re-phrase your question.

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    The default alignment is LEFT.<BR>you would to the following:<BR><BR>style="text-align: center;"<BR>or <BR>style="text-align: right;"<BR>

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