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Thread: display arabic database using ASP Script

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    Default display arabic database using ASP Script

    The script should read and display the database records in English as well as Arabic. But instead of Arabic, it is showing ??????.

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    Default Did you specify LCID and CodePage?

    Unless the default language and locale on that particular web server is Arabic, you need to specify the LCID and CodePage to get the right results.<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Session.LCID = &H0401 &#039; Saudi Arabia<BR>Session.CodePage = 1256<BR>...<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>If you are mixing English and Arabic, you may need to go back and forth between CodePage values as you output the results.<BR><BR>If you need some other Arabic country, other than Saudi Arabia:<BR><BR>&H0801 -- Iraq<BR>&H0C01 -- Egypt<BR>&H1001 -- Libya<BR>&H1401 -- Algeria<BR>&H1801 -- Morocco<BR>&H1C01 -- Tunisia<BR>&H2001 -- Oman<BR>&H2401 -- Yemen<BR>&H2801 -- Syria<BR>&H2C01 -- Jordan<BR>&H3001 -- Lebanon<BR>&H3401 -- Kuwait<BR>&H3801 -- United Arab Emirates<BR>&H3C01 -- Bahrain<BR><BR>You don&#039;t need to specify the LCID to get the text formatting right--CodePage alone does that. The LCID affects how currency and date/time values and the like are displayed, based on individual country preferences.<BR><BR>

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