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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am running my website with an access database and at the moment everything is working very smoothly. I am forcasting that in the near future there will be upward from 300 simultanious Users entering, updating and deleting information from the Access Database. So I guess I will have to switch to an MSSQL Database.<BR><BR>Now... <BR>I am quite good with access and asp and all that is involved in creating solid applications but dont know anything about SQL Server.<BR><BR>I would truly appreciate if someone could advise me on what changes would have to be made to my scripts, sql statements and what other actions I have to take or watch out for.<BR><BR>My hosting company said that they will import my existing access database tables into an SQL database... but they cant really give me any advice or have any knowledge on all the other aspects.<BR><BR>Any advice or information would greatly be appreciated. Or maybe there are some good articles about this subjects somewhere? Everything I find is always geared towards "how to build internet applications with Access".. but never SQLServer.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any help,<BR>Andre<BR><BR>Email me at:<BR>Andre@im5.com

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    I don&#039t know much about SQL server myself. But here is a resource:<BR>http://www.sql-zone.com/<BR>this is part of the devx.com site which is huuuuge. Two other GREAT sites are xpert-site.com or experts-exchange.com. (At either one tell them that "gsn" referred you ;-) sorry for the plug...)<BR><BR>Good luck!

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