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    I have written (based from a microsoft article) an emulated directory browser in ASP. The application works fine if there are 50 or so files in a directory. However, in many cases we&#039;re talking hundreds or even thousands. Its taking waaaaaaaaay toooooooooo looooooooonnnnnngggg to display. I&#039;ve waited for 20 min before just to test. That is unacceptable.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?<BR><BR>I really need some professional advice on this one here. Thanks,<BR><BR>-sjr

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    you can&#039;t make FSO go much faster really. your other option is to write a component.<BR><BR>is this in a website though? 1000s of files? sounds like you have a bit of a problem with site architecture.<BR><BR>j

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