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    Sorry, another cookies question. I&#039m using a simple script on my local machine (PWS/Win98):<BR><BR>Response.Buffer=True<BR>Response.Co okies("Cookie1").Expires = "January 1, 2002"<BR>Response.Cookies("Cookie1")("UserName")=R equest.Form("UserName")<BR>Response.Cookies("Cooki e1")("Password")=Request.Form("Password")<BR><BR>E verything works fine in retrieving the cookie until I close my browser and re-open it. The cookie&#039s disappeared! Does server side code work with PWS in this way?<BR><BR>Jules<BR><BR>

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    The way you are storing the date is invalid I think ... it&#039s looking at it like a string. Use Now()+365.

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