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    Hi All,<BR> <BR> We are developing a site that includes shopping.<BR><BR>The items in the shopping cart has to be updated,deleted or new items will be added..(this can happen any number of times)<BR><BR>Instead of querying the database everytime,is there any other way to do it??<BR>I thought of 3 ways.<BR><BR>1.Using a Temp table <BR>2.Using session variables<BR>3.Using Dictionary object.<BR><BR>In the session On End the database is updated..<BR><BR>Out of the above options which is the best way to do it??<BR>Or Kindly suggest some other option.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Bindu

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    Session_onend isn&#039;t reliable, so it really scuppers that one....<BR><BR><BR>j

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