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    Bob E. Guest

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    I can&#039t seem to create a msgbox in ASP. I need some sample code.<BR>Can you help?

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    Rob Guest

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    The Msgebox is VBScript and will only work in Internet Explorer (3 and above i believe)<BR><BR>Your best bet if you don&#039t know how to do that, is to consider buying an ASP/VBScript book, or use Javasceipt, which will work with netscape.<BR><BR>

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    Remember, using server-side code there is no way to create a MsgBox because in essence you&#039d be trying to display a message on the server ... client-side code would be relying on either JavaScript or VBScript. Because you have to use JavaScript client-side to ensure compatibility amongst the most number of browsers you would use the JavaScript alert(&#039yourtext&#039) function.

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    Thanks for the quick response...I&#039m going to use the JavaScript, that seem to work pretty good. What a great site......:)

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