Hello,<BR><BR>I am having a bit of a problem with generating PDF files via ASP. I have successfully created PDF files with ASP, however the problem comes that there appears to be no way to create a multiple-page PDF file via ASP. I am trying to pull user data from a database, embed it into a PDF file, and print it all web-based, and I can do that, except I can only do it one record at a time.<BR><BR>I am trying to do it to a multiple number of records, meaning generating one PDF file with multiple pages (each page representing each record in the DB). But apparently there is no "page break" method in the COM object Adobe provides. There is a way to do it, however that is by using Templates which is unfortunately not supported in Acrobat Reader (which is what users will be viewing with).<BR><BR>Can anyone shed some light on this topic? I have searched through the entire documentation of the Adobe FDF Toolkit to see how to generate multiple-page PDF files without using Templates, to no avail. Any help is much obliged.<BR><BR>-Saam Tariverdi