Hello all...<BR>Wondering how to do the following.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve put up a web form, made in ASP3 and Access2000, for a client&#039;s Credit Memo paper replacement.<BR><BR>The user is supposed to fill it out, and it gets sent to the proper person in the company for it to be authorized. No problems with that.<BR><BR>The thing of it is (I didn&#039;t thinka this one), the user also wants to Save as... the *filled out form* for their own records, by using Save as... in IE5.5. <BR><BR>Tried that, and all that&#039; saved is the form itself, not the data that was entered.<BR><BR>Can that be done? Save it out INCLUDING all data that was entered as well? Without a trip to the dbase for field population?<BR><BR>Anyone know?<BR><BR>Jim<BR>jrudnick@kkti.com