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    Vinod Guest

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    Hi:<BR><BR>I have just started doing ASP and there is a problem which i am facing. I am trying to add a record in Access Database but it is giving an error that Database is read only. I have checked everything but i couldn&#039t find anything wrong. My machine has got Personal Web Server. The same code i tried on another machine which has got IIS and there it is working fine. So what could be wrong in my machine.Please try to send me solution as soon as possible.<BR><BR>My email id is<BR><BR>Thank you<BR><BR>Vinod

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    Rob Guest

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    Seems strange that it works fine on another machine, I would have said perhaps your using the wrong LockType, however, this would mean that it would still give an error under IIS.<BR><BR>I&#039d be interested to know the soloution myself :-)<BR><BR><BR>

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    If you can capture the error text and post it to this message thread. Check the individual fields in the access db to issue you have not set anything to "Allow Zero Length- NO" or "Required- Yes" that will give an error if you try to add or update to that field without the required field name.<BR><BR>Later,<BR>brian

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