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    Hello everybody,<BR>does anyone know a tool to reverse engineer ASP pages?<BR>What I&#039;m searching, it&#039;s a tool, I give it ASP pages, it answers me with a view of all subroutines and functions in any page (with exchange parameters), and relative calls between pages.<BR>I already tried Rational Rose, Together 5.5, Microsoft Visio and CAST Application Mining Suite so, please answer me if and only if you know the step-by-step procedure to do it with these products (and - SEND ME IT!!!); in other words, I DO NOT expect messages like "Hi! Try Rational Rose, it&#039;s GREAT to do reverse engineer!!!".<BR>Also, please answer me by mail: borzoi@caltanet.it.<BR>I know it&#039;s very unpolite to ask for an e-mail answer in a forum, but in my firm I rarely access the Web (:((((); instead, I can send and receive e-mail.<BR>Thankx to everyone!!! :))))<BR><BR>Paolo De Nictolis, PhD Eng.

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    Default it can't be done

    functions and subroutines are already executed before any client side tool ever sees the resulting HTML code.<BR><BR>sorry.

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