Timing out on large process - any suggestions?

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Thread: Timing out on large process - any suggestions?

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    I've got a web page that is executing some fairly large SQL processes and it keeps timing out on me. I have to first delete two huge tables, execute a DTS package that uploads a 30mg .csv file, and then run a large stored procedure that parses the data into several pages. I have streamlined this as much as possible and I'm still getting sql time out errors. Can anyone think of a way to get around this? Can I set the sql timeout myself? I tried using server.execute and splitting the processes up over three pages but to no avail.

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    Default Hmmm

    If you have to do it this way, one quick way you can speed up is to truncate those tables instead of deleting? I&#039;m not sure if you have any foreign key relationships on those tables, if not then try truncating (i.e. TRUNCATE TABLE mytable).<BR><BR>Also, have you done some testing to see where it is taking the most time? deleting, stored proc, etc. You can experiment with some different things, try doing this differently maybe through a .cmd or .bat file which performs FTP then executes your stored proc using isql. First though you have find where the bottlenecks are.<BR><BR>Pete

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