I want to be automate mails to a single internal mail account upon clicking a button ( in this instance the current user&#039;s mail address). Lotus Notes Release 5.0.5 will be open on the user&#039;s desktop. Can anyone help with the following code?<BR><BR>Sub CreateDocument_Click()<BR><BR> dim dir<BR> Dim session<BR> dim db<BR> dim doc<BR><BR> set session =CreateObject("Lotus.NotesSession")<BR> session.Initialize<BR> Set db = session.GetDatabase("","")<BR><BR> db.openmail<BR> Set doc = db.CreateDocument<BR> doc.AppendItemValue ("Subject", "New Document")<BR> doc.AppendItemValue("SendTo",session.username)<BR> doc.AppendItemValue("Subject","Test")<BR> doc.Send(False)<BR> set session=Nothing<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR>