We&#039;re running NT 4 with service pack 6.<BR><BR>Asp pages were working fine until some security patches were added a few weeks ago. Now a message comes up as "File not found". The file is definatly there and it is running through the server. If the DNS is deleted it comes up with a message saying it can&#039;t find the DSN, so it is reading the file, but choosing to ignore it. Help desk were unable to find the problem even after searching Microsoft site.<BR><BR>I am in urgent need of help as I am running a class on database implementation and we can&#039;t do anything. I have installed personal web server on individual computers but because this is a classroom situation and has various things disabled, it comes up with a message &#039;default document is off&#039; and it will only allow anything in the root directory to be read.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Julie