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    Hi<BR>Iam using Micosoft Access 2000 as my Backend database and ASP.<BR>I have a centralised server on which the main Web based program is running.Whenever any users hit this server the data is recorded on to the Access Database.I have 2 other machines which will be hitting this machine.<BR>What i want to do is at the end of the day i want to transfer all the data from the Centralised server to the other 2 machines.<BR>I mean i just want to have a copy of the final database(From the centralisd server) avaiable on the other 2 machines at the end of the day.<BR>What iam planning is the following:<BR><BR>1)I have created a System DSN pointing to the Centralised server on the 2 client machines.<BR>2)I have created a User DSN on the 2 client machines pointing to the databas(Created a table structure similar to the centralised database).<BR>3)Then in my asp code i have 2 connections and 2 recordsets which run on the 1st client machine.<BR>4)The first connection is the system dsn.A 1st recordset for this table.The second connection is for the user DSN.A 2 recordset for this table.<BR>5)I read the records from the 1st recordset.Delete all the records using the second recordset from the local machine.and then insert all the records from the 1st recordset(from the server) to the 2nd recordset(local machine).<BR><BR>At last i can create an EXE file from this through VB and run in the scheduler.<BR>Please tell me whether this will work fine, or u suggest me some different and easy alternative.<BR>I dont want to use any third party controls.<BR>Thanks<BR>Prashant<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR >

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    Default Dude...make your life easy

    jsut use FSO and copy the entire db from oe server to the other 2....all you have to do is map the folder to copy the files to from your (main) web server.<BR><BR>

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