How do I combine 2 Form method="post"

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Thread: How do I combine 2 Form method="post"

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    Default How do I combine 2 Form method="post"

    I have a page those who are interested in buying a membership in my company using a credit card fills out the form, Name, Address,<BR>ect.<BR><BR>To use your required validator code I must use:<BR>&#060;form method="post" action="validation.aspx" runat="server"&#062;<BR><BR>Internetsecure is the company I am using to accept people&#039;s credit card information. They told me to copy, paste:<BR>&#060;FORM ACTION=""<BR>METHOD="POST"&#062;<BR> <BR>My question is, How do I combine the 2 so they can work properly?<BR>

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    Default Hmmmmm

    First validate. if the validation is ok the use server.execute to the other URL....i think that should seeing you are using IIS 5.<BR><BR>never tried it but i do not see why not.<BR><BR>

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