Sharing data between ASP pages.

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Thread: Sharing data between ASP pages.

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    Default Sharing data between ASP pages.

    I have a form which collects some data, and then passes it to an asp page, where it is displayed on the screen to the user, it also queries a database, and shows the result from that query on the screen.<BR><BR>A button appears, and when clicked, it opens another form which allows the user to submit their details! This info is then stored in a second database.<BR><BR>The problem I have is, that I also want to store the data retrieved from the first form and database, into the second database. All data for any one user, must be in the same record in the database.<BR>I had thought about writing to the second database, after the first form, but wasnt sure if I&#039;d be able to fill in the remaining fields of that record, once the user gets to the second form.<BR><BR>Is their a way of passing data between pages like this? Or maybe sending the results of one form to multiple asp pages?<BR><BR>Any Ideas? Any help will be greatly appreciated!<BR>Sorry if its not explained very well! Thanks!

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    Default Well since you already have the db info

    after getting the details from the user query the first db and the insert the data entered and the db data into the 2 db.<BR><BR>sorry but i really do not see what a problem is...i guess as usual i do nto understand your question...maybe another explanation or an example will help.<BR><BR>

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