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    Howdy, my names Anthony Vasser, and I&#039m new to ASP, but not to webpage development. I&#039ve got a problem I&#039m tryign to solve, and I cant find the correct solution. A messageboard/forum is the closest thing.<BR>This is what i want to do. I want one page (pg1)to have text input. Then I want another page (pg2) to display that text in a specific format. This text on PG2 needs to be permenant, until it is changed again by PG1. Sorta like a message board with one message thats constantly overwritten.<BR>Do you have any ideas onto where i should look, examples to download, or what this is called? Please e-mail me at with any information. Thankyou<BR>Anthony Vasser

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    Hi Anthony,<BR><BR>Does the message have to continue to persist over a server reboot? If not, you could look into using the APPLICATION object to store the message. This would be the simplest and, since you&#039re only storing one message, not thousands, it would actually be pretty efficient, both in terms of memory and in terms of processing requirements (and there&#039s no database involved!) :)<BR><BR> - Miguel<BR><BR>

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