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    Hi,<BR><BR>I was hoping if someone could guide me on how I can place time-limits (shareware) in an ASP component. I wish the user to register the component after say 30 days.<BR><BR>Queries<BR>1) How can I set a time-limit<BR>2) How can I stop the ASP component to work after 30 days and redirect them to a URL<BR>3) If possible, how can I after they register the product remove the time-limit automatically.<BR><BR>I would appreciate if someone could show me how I can acheieve this or direct me to articles or websites that will help me with my queries.<BR><BR>thanks.<BR><BR>trippy

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    Default Make a registry entry

    then save the date there. Check in your DLL that the datediff between this date and todays date is less than 30 otherwise redirect....after the registration you will have to remove that registry entry or something along those lines....<BR><BR>

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