Do I have PWS set up wrong?

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Thread: Do I have PWS set up wrong?

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    I followed an article to the letter but I am still having a problem that when I run an ASP script instead of returning the rows of data, it returns a view of the code in the script. <BR><BR>Actually, the article I was trying to follow is the following: <BR> <BR><BR>When I tried to run example1.asp ,I entered http://localhost/sample/example1.asp in the URL window. That is when I get a view of the code instead of the rows of data. I copied the 3 example files straight from the site. <BR><BR>I have searched FAQ&#039;s everywhere and have looked everything over three times. The only thing I can see that is slightly different is that in my c:inetpubwwwroot directory my file is named global.asa instead of global.asp. <BR><BR>Could someone please help me through this? I am running on Windows98 SE.<BR>Thanks.

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    In the PWS mangagement console, (I think under Advanced Options...It&#039;s been a long time since I used PWS) you need to check the "Scripts" box. It sounds like this is your issue...The ASP simply isn&#039;t being run.

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