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Thread: Plot Data on Map of U.S.

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    Default Plot Data on Map of U.S.

    Is there a simple program that will show data on a Map<BR>of the U.S. I would like to display the number of clients<BR>per state on a map either with dots or a number. The data<BR>will be associated with area codes and zip codes.

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    Default You won't do this in VBScript!

    If you really must do it in ASP, then you&#039;d better use a component to generate the map. Look at and their list of component vendors to see if somebody has some usable.<BR><BR>But you *probably* could do it in Java. Moderately hairy code, of course.<BR><BR>After all, what kind of "projection" will you use for the map??? Unless is a straight rectangular projection [which really looks ugly], then latitude and longitude have to go through complicated mathematical translations to arrive at positions on the map. And and and and.<BR><BR>This is a *REALLY* tough problem as something to build from scratch. I&#039;d buy it, if you can find it.<BR><BR>

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