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    Hi-<BR><BR>I have a DB with this kind of info<BR><BR>-ID- -PrDate- -Info-------------<BR> 01 11/04/01 ok 1023 4839 223<BR> 02 11/11/01 ok 1023 4542 545<BR> 03 11/11/01 ok 1023 3202 230<BR> 05 11/23/01 ok 3939 1231 234<BR><BR>Okay, I want to pull out just one entry for every PrDate.<BR>So I will get...<BR><BR>11/04/01, 11/11/01, 11/23/01<BR><BR>I then will take it from my string and manipulate it. My problem is how do I get the multiple lines in the database to just 1 from each date?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jeremy#121

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    Use a Group by Query to get a single record for each date:<BR><BR>SELECT tblYourTable.[Dates], FROM tblYourTable GROUP BY tblYourTable.[Dates] ORDER BY [Dates];<BR><BR>then loop through the recordset until you get to EOF appending each record onto your string.

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