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    help! i have an web-based access2000 database. table name= TFiles & 2 fields= FILE and FILENAME. i want to be able to let users upload & download any kind of document they want. the upload part works fine, i just want to create a page where the FILENAME is a hyperlink to the FILE; for downloading. it is .docs, .txt, .xls, etc. does anyone know how to do this? i do not want to store the files to a folder - i know it is slow, but i want them in the database. thanks in advance....

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    Default Don't do it -->

    But if you really think you must:<BR> <BR><BR>Is an article for images, alter to suit your documents. Please read *very carefully* the implications of storing files in a database. Access is not intended to handle web based applications (ie ASP), never mind hold files.<BR>You would be much better off saving a link to the file.

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