I need to calculate a price on a variable set of attributes. If it is a dominate attribute, it has a $amount, if it is not a dominate attribute it will vary the base price by a percentage.<BR><BR>So I have at least three fields attribute, attributeCOST, and dominate to calculate but it may be up to twenty attributes.<BR><BR>I am struggling to calcuate it. I am doing things like this (and going nowhere fast).<BR><BR>x=1<BR>for i=1 to 4<BR><BR>if myDataReader.item("a"&trim(str(x))&"domin") = 1 then<BR>&#039;response.write (myDataReader.item("a"&trim(str(x))&"price"))<BR>c ost=myDataReader.item("a"&trim(str(x))&"price")<BR ><BR> <BR><BR>else<BR><BR> <BR>&#039;response.write (myDataReader.item("a"&trim(str(x))&"price"))<BR>p ercen=myDataReader.item("a"&trim(str(x))&"price")< BR> <BR><BR>end if<BR><BR><BR>ANY CLUES WELCOME!