Hi all,<BR><BR>I have just read a very depressing article about breaking the WSE encryption.<BR><BR>I have been developing a Content Management System for the last few months, with the intention of selling it.<BR><BR>However, this article totally ruins any hope of this now happening - I built the CMS (purposefully) to run without installing ANY components (pure ASP uploads etc), so it would defeat the object if I now need to compile my code.<BR><BR>If anyone knows of a workaround to my problem, I would really appreciate you letting me know.<BR><BR>I hope that if anyone (like myself until minutes ago) has been relying on the WSE that they now do not.<BR><BR>P.S - I have not posted the URL of the article as I think this would be irresponsible and encouraging what has effectively ruined my plans, but if individuals would like to read it, ICQ me and I will send you details.<BR><BR>Kind thanks, James.<BR><BR>ICQ# : 53022742