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    I need to send specific information (hhtp headers and xml data) to a specific port on a server does anyone knwo how to do this. I have been using a dll using the microsoft internet transfer control but that send an extra http header which my server does not understand.. any suggestions greatly appreciated...

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    Use a TCP/IP component - there are several about on the &#039;net. Try aspin.com, totalasp.co.uk, 15seconds.com etc. Some even give you the source code.<BR><BR>HTTP headers are separated from the body simply by two consecutive line breaks. If you want to send a HTML file, the header would be something like:<BR><BR>HTTP 1.1 200 OK<BR>Content-Type: text/html<BR><BR>&#060;html&#062;...&#060;/html&#062;<BR><BR>Ok, so it&#039;s not perfect, but you get what I mean.<BR><BR>You could then use this information to create your own set of HTTP headers.<BR><BR>Craig.

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