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    set Wsc = server.createobject("Wscript.Shell")<BR>file="D:Pr ojects est.vbs"<BR> file<BR><BR>The problem Im getting is I hear a ding and then nothing is executed. Ive ran the script from the server and it works fine. Just not when called with Wscript. Have latest windows scripting 5.6. I response.write the return value from the .run call and it is 0. That means no error? I have like 100 wscript exes open now and I cant close them access denied. Does that mean that there is a message box or something that couldnt open? Like an error msgbox? I dont have any in the code.<BR><BR>I need to run the .vbs so I can generate html files with asptear. Each member in my site will get there own htm files. I know dynamic content is better but this isnt what I want my boss wants it and I cant convince him otherwise. The reason I use .vbs is because sometimes two or more files need to be created at once and this is causing a lockup sometimes.. ( theres tons of processing going on before it even gets to the aspTear part) So I figured a .vbs file would be better because it runs on a seperate thread. <BR><BR>I guess im wondering if anyone knew a better way of doing this.<BR><BR>

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    check the WScript docs from <BR><BR><BR>j

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