VBScript: window.location vs. window.navigate

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Thread: VBScript: window.location vs. window.navigate

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    Default VBScript: window.location vs. window.navigate

    Can anybody tell me the difference between these 2 methods? (I.e. window.location vs. window.navigate)<BR><BR>Are they the same - they appear to do the same thing....

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    Default VBScript? not actually VBScript. some choice words

    1. you shouldn&#039;t be using VBScript on the client side, since it&#039;s not interoperable with non-MS browsers. this is serious - DON&#039;T USE IT! ASP, fine, CLient-side, NO!<BR>2. what you&#039;re actually doing is calling a method of the browser&#039;s window object. it&#039;s entirely language independent. you call exactly the same method in JavaScript or JScript or VBScript or whatever activeX scripting engine you care to install.<BR>3. window.navigate is the ugly sister. most folks use window.location.href - It is more accepted as a method, though both do essentially the same thing.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/<BR>[Microsoft MVP]

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