HUGE THANKS to *Tsunami* for schooling me on this. =) <BR><BR>this thread <BR><BR>will give you the background and here is the partial solution.<BR><BR>Sub nSelect <BR>SQL="SELECT BIBLIOG.*, Subjects.Code " &_ <BR>"FROM BIBLIOG, Subjects " &_ <BR>"WHERE ID=" & QueryID & " " &_ <BR>"AND BIBLIOG.Subject1 = Subjects.Subjects " <BR>set rs=MyConn.execute(SQL) <BR><BR>It&#039;s important that you read the previous thread or it will make no sense. <BR><BR>continue----<BR><BR>This statement works great for one join on one field. But I have 4 subject fields that I need to join at one time.. I&#039;m thinking maybe a LEFT join would work but I&#039;ve no clue how to make this work.. I keep screwing something up somewhere.. tells me BOF or EOF is true. I will gladly take the time to explain in more detail if need be if after you read the original post and it still doesn&#039;t make sense. <BR>Thank you all in advance =)