OK, here is my problem of they day. I have an application that deals with shipping. An order can be shipped in many boxes, but the customer is charged by the box. <BR><BR>I use the USP shipping tools to get the price of the entire shipment (not per box). So I need to be able to take a price and divide it by x number of boxes. The catch is that we can&#039;t use fractions of a cent. So if the cost of shipping two boxes is 10.05 we have to put down the cost of one as 5.02 and the second as 5.03.<BR><BR>Rounding isn&#039;t a great solution because we could lose a cent here or there. It isn&#039;t a huge deal, but something the boss wants to avoid. I&#039;m really looking for a function that takes two parameters. Number of Boxes and Total Cost. I would like it to return an array filled with the individual cost of each box.<BR><BR>Any ideas?