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    HI<BR>I have a text area in which i have value<BR>2<BR>2<BR>1443<BR>64<BR>64.<BR>Based on these numbers iam displaying records from the table. Iam using the following loop<BR>arSectionList=Split(Textareaname,vbcrlf)<B R>iSectionCount = 0<BR><BR>&#039;If arSectionList(iSecCount)<BR><BR>For iSecCount = 0 to UBound(arSectionList)-1<BR><BR>&#039;If arSectionList(iSecCount)&#060;&#062; str Then<BR> IF arSectionList(iSecCount) &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> strSections = SectionType(arSectionList(iSecCount),2,2)<BR> iSectionCount=iSectionCount + 1<BR> END IF<BR>Response.Write strSections<BR>Next<BR>arSectionList is a Function <BR>When i execute this iam able to see duplicate records since i have duplicate values in the textarea.How can i eliminate these while looping.<BR>Please Help<BR>Thanks<BR>Prashant<BR>

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    Why not remove them before you print them out in your textarea?<BR>User SELECT DISTINCT in your SQL-string.<BR><BR>That is what I would do.<BR><BR>Putte

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