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    Hello,<BR>I am using Ultradev to develop an on-line quiz. There are two tables involved in the quiz itself: One containing the questions and answers, and one for storing the response of the quiz taker, together with their unique id. <BR>I have a page with navigation bars at the bottom, displaying a recordset containing around 10 records taken from the question table. Each page displays one of the ten questions, and the next question is then moved to via the navigation bar. <BR>On the same page, for each question I have a form which inserts the quiz-taker&#039;s response. This form is one created using a wizard. The problem is that each answer to each question has to be submitted separately using the form created, whereas I would like to submit all of the answers together, at the end, when the quiz-taker has selected answers to all ten records.<BR>Can anyone suggest a method by which I can stick in a submit button which will insert all ten new records.<BR>Thank you for any help.<BR>Regards<BR>Marta Keithy

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    Default short answer: dump ultradev

    longer answer: You&#039;ll have to work around the stuff that UltraDev dumps on you, but you can do it.<BR><BR>You will need to store the answers until the last one is answered. Several ways to do that. Easiest is probably to use Session variables (and unless this site gets 100,000 hits a day, ignore the pundits who tell you Session variables are bad). Better, use an array stored in a Session variable (see the ASPFAQs, category Arrays, to see how to do that). And then check the array each time: When all 10 questions have been answered, do the DB insert.<BR><BR>But UltraDev isn&#039;t smart enough to do this for you, so you&#039;ll have to bypass all the crap it is trying to do.<BR><BR>

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