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    Hi <BR><BR>Is there a way (apart from writing an ASP script ;) do rip an ASP page? I&#039;ve created an (intranet) page based on ASP and some database stuff. I&#039;d like to burn a CD of the *rendered HTML code*, where all urls like "loader.asp?id=12" etc. should be converted to something like "loader12.htm". I&#039;ve played around with wget but didnt succeed to get these urls translated into static html files.<BR><BR>Anybody with a hint?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>MiCao

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    Just download a web spider. Run it on your site. It will grab every page, image, anything that is linked to the site, and follow the links...<BR><BR>Use caution tho, circular reference links sometimes choke these up.. <BR><BR>For Example:<BR>Page1 has links to:<BR>pagea<BR>pageb<BR>pagec<BR><BR>So, the spider spiders its way to pagea<BR>on pagea there are links to:<BR>page1<BR>page2<BR>pageb<BR>pagec<BR><BR>it will spider its way back to page1, then back into pagea...<BR>You can limit the number of links deep the spider will go tho.<BR><BR>Pretty usefull tool tho...<BR><BR>I believe there are some on tucows.<BR><BR><BR>-- Whol

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