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    Dear All,<BR> We are using the Source Code Encoding (Microsoft Command Line Tool) to encode the ASP Source Codes. With the help of Third party Tools available Decoding of the Encoded Source Code files is possible. But we are in need of providing security to the Encoded Source Files.<BR>What way of security is given by this tool for the Encoded Pages?<BR>How we can give authentication to these pages to ensure only the restricted users can decode it?<BR><BR>Please write to me your ideas and suggestions.<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Annapoorni L.<BR><BR>my mail id :<BR><BR><BR>

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    Well it&#039;s not really secure, the encoding was real easy broken (see, and I don&#039;t know of any other way to encode your scripts. You could wrap a lot of code in COM components, those are pretty secure.

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